Saturday, June 20, 2009

Winter Update

Dear Circle Friends,

I thought I would take this rainy day opportunity to post a general update, keeping the circle energy flowing and to keep us all warm with current circle news.

The circle is now 1 year old (Horray !!) and the next circle will serve as our Birthday celebration. The circle will be in September and I am really looking forward to that. Please let me know your suggestions and feelings for a outdoor venue for this next and very important gathering. I have invited Samjana to play at this celebration for us.

I am sorry to mention the winter circle which I had hoped to plan for the winter solstice has been canceled and the weather lately in the Northern Rivers has been unsupporting for any kind of outdoor circle. As the last years one was such a great time then we must make it top priority to get together around a warm fire for next year.

Our last circle in late March was such a great success even though the weather scared many off and shows that circles up in the national parks are great fun. It was a very appropriate place up there in the Border Rangers immersed in an ancient lost world of exquisite nature.

The flute raffle was drawn at the last circle and I have since donated the $275 to two separate organisations. Hands With Hands, the orphanage in Africa was given $195 and WRAP Wildlife Rehabilitation And Protection, an organisation in Victoria who are working to rehabilitate Victoria's bushfire affected wildlife areas were given $80. I figured the wildlife needed some suport and chose this organisation over the Red Cross Bushfire appeal as it has already generated in excess of 300 million. This is all thanks to our support and that of our American friends who conributed to raffle by donating CD's and signing the flute.

We are now starting a new raffle and I extend the challenge to anyone who has any main prize to donate to the cause. The prize can be goods, services, or cash for us to obtain a good prize. I am donating a copy of my CD to the raffle as a runner up prize. All ideas are welcomed and as soon as we have the prizes secured then I will let everyone know so you can buy tickets. We need new charities too and it would be really great to raise lots more money this time.

The circles website is still under construction and it is finding the time that has been the problem, I'll keep you all posted as things develop here. Thanks again to Beau Raven for with all his help.

If any Brisbaneites want to catch up I'll be at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the RNA showgrounds from Friday to Sunday 26-28th June, and doing stage performances on the Saturday 12pm and Sunday at 11.30 am, I have a whole pile of free admission tickets that will save you $16 so if you want to come along and get in free just call me on my mobile when you arrive at the door. 0429 832 071 Please don't call me just before the performance time, try to make it an hour earlier.

Well that's it for now. I look forward to hearing or catching up with you all soon.

Blessings on the journey