Monday, July 5, 2010

Farewell To A Friend - Lindy Morning Star

Recently a very good friend Lindy 'Morning Star' Morris Passed away after a freak storm accident while camping in a favorite part of the States in New Jersey where she had many good friends. Her sudden loss has touched the hearts of many just as did her life in general. I am moved greatly by her passing and have come to realise now more than ever how great a teacher and soul sister she was to me and so many, she will forever be in my heart and many others as a truly great and inspirational soul. I feel she has been called by the elements to work in spirit in this pivotal time to help heal the earth and the story of her passing, for me, has a mysterious feel that is of a greater picture in spirit that is of the new unfolding on this planet now and a need for Morning Star's medicine in spirit to work it's magic in healing this troubled earth, so in that I have to just trust that all is as it should be despite the emotional feelings of pain that are real too. We have been shown the way by a great leader.

Morning Star was due to return home, after a very long stint of over 18 months in Guatamala and the states, this November for the birth of her second grandchild, we had also been planing another workshop when I last spoke with her. She said she had enjoyed the last one so much and was already planning her trip up the east coast into Queensland. My heart goes out to her family and everyone dealing with her passing into spirit. There is so much love and compassion in these times and that is inspiring too.

Here is a prayer for Lindy written by Linda Standing Tree, sorry if you cant read it but you can view it on Morning Stars Facebook Wall You can also read comments from her fans all over the world and share yours for her too.

For those who don't know Morning Star she was an amazing, loving, caring and generous spirit, she was an ally to the animals and all her relations and an ally to the earth.

She wrote many books on creating ceremonial shamanic healing tools from road kill and had practiced the art for over 30 years, She ran all kinds of workshops to teach those arts she had acquired over that time and money was never the main motivation, she shared and learned so much wisdom with me and everyone she crossed paths with. She gave the Earth and all that dwell here so much and she will be sadly missed by many. I am very honoured to have known this amazing woman and wish her much love and blessings on her new journey.

I hold dear the times we spent together making drums on the north coast and in the Boarder Rangers NP when we ran the flute/drum workshop together, and also sharing stands at the MBS festival in Sydney in 2008 and 2009....I remember from the very first moment we met in Bellingen in 2006 how I fell in love with her beautiful personality full of stories, fun and beautiful artistic creations possessing powerful love for the animal kingom and thier teachings for us, I knew then almost instantly there was a deep connection...I was honoured to make 3 drums with Morning Star, learn to skin wallabies and introduce her to the flute. I have a copy of her book which I will lend to friends who are interested in her work.


RECENT VIDEO of Morningstar Playing Flute:

Morningstar's last post on Facebook ( truly Morningstar!)

"Arrived in Philadelphia last Thursday - had a ball walking through the airport , wearing my long kangaroo tail vest and the new bull snake rattle, which did not fit completely into the backpack, but hung out about 6 inches - so funny standing in the security line with curious passengers, peering over my shoulder to ask - is that a snake in your bag?..."

The following message is from White Eagle Medicine Woman who world toured the Grand Mother Drum with Morning Star, she is the founder of The Whirling Rainbow Foundation in America.

White Eagle June 30 at 4:23am

Morning Star's family expressed the need to come to America to see where Morning Star died, to be with her global family and hear your intimate stories of her journey, and to take her home to Australia. Her family is deeply moved by the global response of love and are very humbly reaching out for our financial support. The Whirling Rainbow Foundation, we will be organizing and collecting funds immediately for the following costs: Airline tickets or airline mileage, travel and lodging, Hospital expense/ memorial/ taking Morning Star back and belongings back to Oz.

I reccommend to avoid fee's and taxes on exchange rates for the money to go around the world, sending donations by direct deposit to to Morning Star's Familys Bank Account if that is easy otherwise please use the following methods...If you email me I can' provide the Aussie Bank Details.

Donations by credit card, check, cash, and money order to:

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation PO Box 2822 Palmer, Alaska 99645

USA Phone: 907-745-5636 office or 907-715-4433 cell,
calling from out of country: 011-1-907-745-5636

Sending by PAYPAL :

: whiteeagle8


Thanks for being open to this message for assistance for a great rainbow sister, I just thought I could help further by allowing others to know this.

For more details on her ordeal from those who were there to support her please visit this blog

There is a Memorial Celebration on her sister Jody's Farm in Tamworth on the 17th July, they are inviting friends of Morning Star's to come and celebrate her life with lunch, bonfire and music jam into the night, let me know if you're interested and I'll forward the email. I will have room in the car from Kyogle leaving early in the morning on the 17th, I'll be there playing flute of course !!

In Love, Peace and Harmony