Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 A Great Year Of Change In My Life

It's the power of love, it's a light in the darkness, it's the rythem of a new start all over the world... Miten.

Me embracing the Ocean and Light in the West

It's been a long while since I wrote here on my blog, things have been full steam ahead in terms of my personal growth and spiritual growth, even though at times I felt I was going backwards, so much has happened and come up for me within, inspired by events within me and sometimes beyond my control, it has all been good and liberating in the wash of life thats constantly in a state of flux and chaos, at times very difficult and overwhelming and beyond anything I could have ever imagined...

It's all helped me move into a more surrendered place beyond my fears which I have been forced to face deeply. I am feeling more motivated than ever and more sure of who I really am, and because of that I notice I am now moving in a new way and flowing in synchronicity more than ever before, my challenges still exist but reformed because of how I view them, no longer am I running away or making excuses in those places where many like me get stuck at times...

I am feeling, observing, watching myself more, and I am just going for it... Yay !! ... There's no time to be dissatisfied, unsure, sad or anything that does not alighn with my dreams, desires and goals, yeah life's been hard but I created it and it's all been valuable, divine and necessary... I know it dosen't need to be hard if I get the lessons I have learnt, then I can avoid those pitfals in the roads ahead...

In some areas I have a clear view, in others I don't yet, I love the mystery and the main thing is rubber's on the road, and I aim to remain open to my highest posibilities and potential in every moment, this has worked for me for a long time, just now I am being more realistic and honest with myself I think and taking fewer risks...

A book jumped out at me yesterday while looking for a gift for a friend who has helped me alot lately, it's called "When Everything Changes Change Everything" by Neil Donald Walsh" That sums up things in some ways in terms of where I am at, so I bought it and will read it on the way to Melbourne to see family and give my mothers ashes to the great ocean in a family ceremony...

Back to why I share this, it helps me embrace who I am now and where I am going and it's an honouring of everything that is and isn't, it's an honouring of my opportinities and of how lucky I am for what I have and what I don't, this understanding brings gratitude and perspective.

Words can't express how blessed I really am, and how rich I am for all the experiences in my life and those to come, I trust and surrender to my gifts and my connection with all that is, that I may be in harmony and ballance doing what I love together with myself and with those I love, and so it is...

This is a great shedding of old and growing of new skin, of goal setting and actions to fullfill my potent dreams and desires, of healing and embracing new and higher truths, new journies, new creativity and new amazing friendships etc...

I hope it inspires you reading my posts, please comment or subscribe if you appreciate this sharing and you can make comments and share back with me by clicking the link at bottom of post...

Some of you may think I am mad, maybe I am, I have had a huge opportunity and I am moved by my experience, I honour my experience... Some of you will totally understand...

I love listening to Music by Miten and Deva Premal, been listening to them alot, I am lucky to have the whole anthology, so soothing relaxing and peacful... Just what I need...

Also the flute is helping me alot, I have been playing a bit lately after a long time not playing much... I feel new passion for the flute and my music than ever before, and feel inspired to create a new album by years end... I hope I can make the time for that as it's been 3 years now since I made Journey Over Mountains...

Saying Goodbye

In Febuary this year I said goodbye to My Dear Mother, Pamela Jane Farmer, after an heroic battle with Secondary breast Cancer in the bones which caused great complications and suffering for her and us all, this is a tribute to her and her amazing artwork that inspired many and will continue to for years and lifetimes to come... I have good feelings and great relief now knowing that she is free to journey on and be free of the suffering...

I am sharing this with you to let you know what a great woman she was, a jovial spirit and great teacher, she directly influenced me becoming creative with my hands and supported me and nurtured me on my journey to become what I am today in so many ways, but mostly because she was my mother and birthed me, we had a great connection and always will...

bellow is a but just few pictures of her and her textile artworks which she became very well known for in Victoria and beyond...

Self portrait felt work featuring our family pet Whippet "Weasel" AKA Weeby" a blurred and badly re-sampled pic unfortunately, this is my favorite work she did, not to say I don't love all the others

Amazingly felt puppet doll, without strings, made from everything natural like most of her work, natural home made bush dyes too

Acrylic painting very symbolic of her journey, feet in the water and floating with trust and freedom

Amazing colours in this felt Work

Pair of doll's

Closeup of embroided and dyed self portrait of Mum holding a bird...

My sister Chloe is currently catalouging Mum's artworks for a book and exhibition in the future...

Mum is a great spirit, she nurtured love and taught harmony and kindness through her actions not words, she learnt to transcend illusions and ego and surrendered to a higher truth...

Mum journeyed with one of my flutes, though she didn't find time to play them due to being so busy with Dying wool, felting, working at an art shop and preparing works for the many exhibitions she worked on, but I felt it fitting it should join her in her coffin as a symbol of protection and spirit creativity on her journey ahead, I then gifted a personal flute of mine to her Husband Wolf so he could heal his grief and send her spirit prayers, which I do too... It was another way of thanking her for her inspiration in the beginning with my creativity in art and later my flute making journey...

I also want to thank everyone who supported me through this recent chapter in my journey and those who helped me get back to Melbourne for Mum's Celebration of Life (funeral) Thank you and I hope I have helped you too...

Trip to WA in March

I did get a few days away after Mum passed in Broome WA as I was invited to help a friend fit out a shop front business, I was promised paid work but unfortunately due to his personal issues and delayed finance, it all fell through and left me high and nearly dry due to expenses it had already cost me, so I jumped on the next plane back to Brisbane feeling quite let down, it's no short trip via Perth and not cheap either, I was quite weary when the plane arrived at 7am in Brisbane...I did get a few days of pure enjoyment swimming and taking pics of the sunsets, amazing paradise indeed...

I was warned about the power of the land and what WA could bring up for me, Broome in particular has a reputation for this which many of all colours will tell you, the Native people are very kind relaxed and have an interesting and unique look, apparently they have part Asian genetics...

I was amazed to experience western sunsets on the beach and the place was swarming with dragon flies which was very appropriate being Mum's totem...(These are all huge pics from here on, click to enlarge to full screen)

Red Dragon Fly (Zoom this one up by clicking pic)

This was cool to see so many dragon flies in one place, so awesome, very enchanting and new

Amazing mud crab art... Try making a ball of sand like that, yet alone thousands... Only to do it all over tomorrow, that's dedication and survival, i'm sure they enjoy it!

Cabal Beach

One of the camel tours setting off down the beach

My favorite time at Cabal Beach was the sunsets, relief from the beating sun, and amazing red sky's most nights.

Thought i'd try and get this shot that I've seen folks do with the moon and the sun

That's better

the next 4 shots are a series shot together...

The big one is not the moon

The very next shot they are gone and there is a new light in the water, I blew this up in photo shop and it is an unusual shape, no idea how to explain it... No boat or person

Even though theres a high risk of sharks I swam nightly in the shallows, such lovely warm pure water

My own stay in Hospital
In early may 7 weeks after Mum passed I had a nasty fall and badly fractured my shoulder and spent 17 days in Hospital in Lismore and Kyogle, time to stop... The surgeon Dr Hudson and all the Hospital staff's were awesome and really inspired me to see the care and love they give daily...

The swollen Shoulder now has a plate and 10 titanium screws to add to the rest of my hardware, I am done with those experiences, yes I am mortal in flesh, immortal only in spirit, lol...

Asked by my friend Russell to focus on my strengths for this shot...This shows the spirit of I am never defeated by life, wow glad I am through the worst of this but my phisio will continue for many months to get the strength and movment back, alot of damage was done in the accident, trauma of the surgery and also wasting and muscle locking from being immobilised for a few months...

I have had a lot of time reflecting on my lessons and my future and what it is I really wan't and desire in life and am now putting that into practice, I am finally back on my feet and making long awaited orders from during my down time, new orders are starting to come in showing the energy is potent for my creativity and the universe needs me to continue my work, making flutes is what I am best at, but I am embracing new directions and new creativity more than ever before...

I have been studying photography and am passionate and am passionate about Poetry and Writing and of course traveling is still in my blood.

In 2011 I was supposed to be in South America back packing from Mexico to Brazil from Jan as I had planed back in Jan 2010 but by May 2010 Mum had be diagnosed with the secondary cancer, illness has put that on hold till the time is ripe again, so that is still on the cards but not urgent, may not need to be so far away as I am called also to travel in this country more than ever, seems more practicle and sustainable, but part of my spirit must return to the Andies and South America one day thats for sure...

Accupuncture Heating the needles with Moxa
Me having one of my regular accupuncture with sessions with Hugh housemate of my friend Harrold in brisbane, it was great to have these sessions to get my recovery under way, hugh is now a good friend... Harrold and hugh were great coming down and helping me in all kinds of ways... Other good friends Claudia and Heather too made long drives from Brisbane to be with me which cheered me up and helped my recovery...

My property For Sale

My beautiful bush retreat, Peace Of Eden in the beautiful Blackhorse Valley Northern NSW is for sale and it's part of the shedding skin and letting go to begin anew, a new journey and chapter of my life, it has been an amazing place to live grow and heal my spirit, I love this place and am just the care taker and part creator of the energy it embraces and holds, a very poswerful and peaceful place as the name suggests...
To let go of something like this when you love it so much is not easy, but to grow one must make sacrifices... If you or anyone you know may be interested in a lifestyle property 16.5 km's West of Kyogle please let them know...


looking over to the Semi Rainforrest pockets...

The notorious possum kitchen raider busted, he can push this window open to get my avocados...

Dam with self seeding tallow woods and stringy barks above

Flute Circle September 2011

Stay tuned for Flute Circle Annoucments at Peace Of Eden in on 11th September 2011

Me running into the Ocean and light

Monday, July 5, 2010

Farewell To A Friend - Lindy Morning Star

Recently a very good friend Lindy 'Morning Star' Morris Passed away after a freak storm accident while camping in a favorite part of the States in New Jersey where she had many good friends. Her sudden loss has touched the hearts of many just as did her life in general. I am moved greatly by her passing and have come to realise now more than ever how great a teacher and soul sister she was to me and so many, she will forever be in my heart and many others as a truly great and inspirational soul. I feel she has been called by the elements to work in spirit in this pivotal time to help heal the earth and the story of her passing, for me, has a mysterious feel that is of a greater picture in spirit that is of the new unfolding on this planet now and a need for Morning Star's medicine in spirit to work it's magic in healing this troubled earth, so in that I have to just trust that all is as it should be despite the emotional feelings of pain that are real too. We have been shown the way by a great leader.

Morning Star was due to return home, after a very long stint of over 18 months in Guatamala and the states, this November for the birth of her second grandchild, we had also been planing another workshop when I last spoke with her. She said she had enjoyed the last one so much and was already planning her trip up the east coast into Queensland. My heart goes out to her family and everyone dealing with her passing into spirit. There is so much love and compassion in these times and that is inspiring too.

Here is a prayer for Lindy written by Linda Standing Tree, sorry if you cant read it but you can view it on Morning Stars Facebook Wall You can also read comments from her fans all over the world and share yours for her too.

For those who don't know Morning Star she was an amazing, loving, caring and generous spirit, she was an ally to the animals and all her relations and an ally to the earth.

She wrote many books on creating ceremonial shamanic healing tools from road kill and had practiced the art for over 30 years, She ran all kinds of workshops to teach those arts she had acquired over that time and money was never the main motivation, she shared and learned so much wisdom with me and everyone she crossed paths with. She gave the Earth and all that dwell here so much and she will be sadly missed by many. I am very honoured to have known this amazing woman and wish her much love and blessings on her new journey.

I hold dear the times we spent together making drums on the north coast and in the Boarder Rangers NP when we ran the flute/drum workshop together, and also sharing stands at the MBS festival in Sydney in 2008 and 2009....I remember from the very first moment we met in Bellingen in 2006 how I fell in love with her beautiful personality full of stories, fun and beautiful artistic creations possessing powerful love for the animal kingom and thier teachings for us, I knew then almost instantly there was a deep connection...I was honoured to make 3 drums with Morning Star, learn to skin wallabies and introduce her to the flute. I have a copy of her book which I will lend to friends who are interested in her work.


RECENT VIDEO of Morningstar Playing Flute:

Morningstar's last post on Facebook ( truly Morningstar!)

"Arrived in Philadelphia last Thursday - had a ball walking through the airport , wearing my long kangaroo tail vest and the new bull snake rattle, which did not fit completely into the backpack, but hung out about 6 inches - so funny standing in the security line with curious passengers, peering over my shoulder to ask - is that a snake in your bag?..."

The following message is from White Eagle Medicine Woman who world toured the Grand Mother Drum with Morning Star, she is the founder of The Whirling Rainbow Foundation in America.

White Eagle June 30 at 4:23am

Morning Star's family expressed the need to come to America to see where Morning Star died, to be with her global family and hear your intimate stories of her journey, and to take her home to Australia. Her family is deeply moved by the global response of love and are very humbly reaching out for our financial support. The Whirling Rainbow Foundation, we will be organizing and collecting funds immediately for the following costs: Airline tickets or airline mileage, travel and lodging, Hospital expense/ memorial/ taking Morning Star back and belongings back to Oz.

I reccommend to avoid fee's and taxes on exchange rates for the money to go around the world, sending donations by direct deposit to to Morning Star's Familys Bank Account if that is easy otherwise please use the following methods...If you email me I can' provide the Aussie Bank Details.

Donations by credit card, check, cash, and money order to:

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation PO Box 2822 Palmer, Alaska 99645

USA Phone: 907-745-5636 office or 907-715-4433 cell,
calling from out of country: 011-1-907-745-5636

Sending by PAYPAL :

: whiteeagle8


Thanks for being open to this message for assistance for a great rainbow sister, I just thought I could help further by allowing others to know this.

For more details on her ordeal from those who were there to support her please visit this blog

There is a Memorial Celebration on her sister Jody's Farm in Tamworth on the 17th July, they are inviting friends of Morning Star's to come and celebrate her life with lunch, bonfire and music jam into the night, let me know if you're interested and I'll forward the email. I will have room in the car from Kyogle leaving early in the morning on the 17th, I'll be there playing flute of course !!

In Love, Peace and Harmony


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Autumn 2010 Blog Update

Wow 2010 I'm still blown away we have reached the end of another decade in Gregorian Time!! And it wont be long either before this year is up and we are again facing another one abundant with the great mystery that it holds in store ready to unfold once again. Well it has been jam packed so far for me this year and I have noticed the energy has really increased to a new level, there has been just so much developing in my life that processing it all has been a challenge but I think I am starting to catch up. A short trip and camp out with my guest Todd to The Boarder Rangers NP recently helped with that, and I was blessed to swim in a very secluded swimming hole bellow a waterfall in the very pristine and sacred brindle creek which really gave me a huge chi-injection, and to follow that up, a trip to
Wollumbin (Mt warning) - The most Sacred Mountain in Bundjulung Country. This helped me remember nature can never be surpassed as a teacher and to bring us back into a state of balance and oneness, I must get out there more often.

After an awesome trip to NZ in November and December where I visited my two beautiful children Faith Manawanui and Manaaki Madison as well as a lengthy trip of both islands covering 6,000 Km in a small wagon I bought over there, I returned from the enchanting experience inspired and refreshed and teased by the taste of another land with rich and powerful earth energies. The highlights were spending time with my kids visiting and swimming in healing bubbling volcanic lakes and creeks, and going on a guided caving expedition at Waitomo Caves in the North Island which my son has been wishing for for a long time. Other highlights were visiting the Kauri Forrest's in the north where I visited the largest Kauri Tree in existence, Tahne Mahuta, which is considered to be around 3,000 years old. I played her a song with my flute and a friend videoed it so I will add that to my YouTube channel when I can get to a high speed connection. NZ certainly is an amazing place and I highly recommend a visit there. Soon after returning I was back to my usual rounds at the summer festivals here meeting great people and passing on the flutes to their carriers to bring more joy to our world. Bellow are pics from the trip.

During the draft of this post I started writing about my Trip to NZ in November/December but I have now transfered that text to a new post and will publish it when it is complete. I am excited to share with you what was great journey and I have some great pics also.

The last few months have found me Teaching My first apprentice Todd Chaplin from NZ, who came to learn the fundamentals of crafting NAF's as well as serious work producing flutes ready for the festival and expo season that will begin shortly. I have found sometimes there's more to learn in being a teacher than in any other role and this connection with Todd was certainly no exception. Todd really surprised me from the start and having only experienced a bit of woodworking is school I didn't imagine a beginner at this craft to be just so confident and productive as Todd was, this allowed him to get more out of the opportunity and in his 2 months probably grasped more than I did in some areas in 2 years when I was teaching myself. Todd's personal flutes he made while here were amazing and each having a beautiful spirit and energy as is indicative for his passion for flutes and his spiritual path. It certainly was a blessing having Todd join me in the world of making flutes as well as a valued personal friend, yoga teacher and just someone to laugh and joke with, the place is now very quiet without him and his bright personality and I look forward to catching up with him in the future. My kitchen misses him too, lol.

So it's funny how things go as within a week of Todd leaving for his 3 month journey of the states where he intends amongst many other things visiting and possibly apprenticing under one of my teachers Guillermo Martinez in California, I was contacted by Angus a young man of great spirit also who is super passionate to learn the craft. This and so many other things that have come about this year shows how the journey is evolving and I am being shown by spirit again the value I have in sharing what it is that I have created and been privileged to be taught by others. This has always been a part of my focus since I started this flute journey to share and connect with people, just as was the intention with the flute circle also. So I have agreed to take Angus on and look forward to sharing a few sneezes with him in the workshop while we craft the flutes of tomorrow.

I think I am entering a new phase of my life and this year feels like it has the potential for manifesting the goals and dreams that I have worked on for so long, so it's definitely not a time to get distracted. I plan to travel next year in South America, a land which calls me deeply and strongly even more so since I visited Peru in 2006 for 2 weeks which was a tease. I may visit a currendero (shaman) in the Amazon who offered me to be his apprentice or I may just do what I do when I go overseas and just go where the journey takes me with little planning, I'll just be sure not to miss my plane this time (shaking head with grin). So this year will be extra solid with flute making to get ahead enough with flute stock and funds to realise this dream, that's possible another reason I havn't planned any circles till the end of the year, but it would be more accurate to say that there's not been time to really think about circles yet alone plan them so far this year.

So more than ever I am being called to focus my energy on my greatest passion which is making flutes. Every day I find a new inspiration that I feel deepens this passion and that alone excites me. I have now been making Native American Style Flutes professionally for over 5 years and I don't plan to ever stop, but I am aware that many other possibilities and potentials exist so I am trying to keep open to allowing those gifts to unfold, it is interesting and exciting as much as it is mysterious.

I started writing a little about Flute making but got carried away and so that will be made into a new blog post to be posted later.

I will be heading up to the Meleny Wood Expo in the first weekend of May, Sydney MBS Festival in mid May and Brisbane MBS June, also at The Dreaming Festival at Woodford in early June which is my favorite festival. If you are heading to any of these festivals come by and chat and lets play a song for each other too maybe, all my flutes love to be played and enjoyed.

On the flute circle front, at the moment I am not able to put a lot of time or energy into organising one until later in the year, when I think as previously mentioned another weekend circle at Belbunya like the last gathering would be great or something similar. Possibly a fun day somewhere else also maybe in the hills around NNSW, maybe a camp out at Forrest Tops in the Border Rangers, who knows. Even the possibility of a gathering at your place if you interested in being a host.

One thing I am very excited to mention is that there is finally a circle beginning in Brisbane which I'll send details of in a separate email, the circle has been talked about for a while now and with the customers of mine and others I have met around Australia there has never been so much interest for a flute circle anywhere as in Brisbane. Fiona and Churaig are the visionaries behind creating this new circle and have asked me to extend a welcome to you. I wouldn't be missing a good flute circle so I'll be there as a participant and to share the great experience as well as sell tickets for the charity raffle which I should mention more about.

I have decided to continue the 2009-10 Charity Raffle longer than was planned, with the donated prizes now totaling nearly $3,000 from flutes, to drums, massages and giant ameturine crystals etc. and only about $250 raised, it has shown that the current way of running this raffle has been a bit disorganised which I take responsibility for and it really needs us all to support it so the energy of the donations is hopefully equalled. I think to do this will be easily possible if a few people will sell tickets if anyone has any ideas. The raffle will definitely be drawn at the end of year flute circle regardless of what has been raised. In the next week I'll update the list. If you want more info about the prizes and buying tickets see hyperlink above or if you want to donate something please email me..

Lindy Morning Star contacted me recently to say she will return to
NSW later this year as her second Grandchild is on the way and she intends a trip up the coast to run workshops and suggested we run another joint workshop like the one last year in the Boarder Rangers NP, some of you who couldn't come last year mentioned you'd be keen if it happened again and there's a good possibility it will which is exciting.

Lastly in the links section on the upper left column, is now a link to One Garden Flower Essences made by Christiana and Graeme Rose Bates which I use personally and highly recommend, I support their work and honour the love and integrity that goes into it what they do, I am very honoured also to share them as good friends.

I recommend visiting any of the links here that you may feel interested in. Also I want to link blogs with you and if you want to add my web or blog link or me to add your link, no worries just contact me in the email link at the top of page, I love networking and sharing. Isn't that what it's all about !

Well that's all for now and I'll keep you posted as usual when a circle is being planed or just when something happens on this great journey which I have been blessed with.

Wishing you all great blessings and happiness on your journeys where ever they may take you


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flute Circle B'day Gathering at Bellbunya

Wow what a weekend up at Bellbunya!!

For me it was the best flute circle ever and the response from others is much the same. There was a really strong sense of connection amongst us. Peace and unconditional love unite us further revealing the truth that we all are one in spirit. The union of all our journeys and our personal connections to spirit reinforced this bond and the great benefits of sharing this together were realised. I felt a collective desire present to enjoy and make the most of such a great opportunity and as the main organiser and leader of this group this humbled me and was a special goose bumpy kind of feeling. The warmth of being in this great company was awesome and that warmth will stay forever in the knowing of having so many great friends.

The Bellbunya community members also really enjoyed hosting us and joining in as well as welcoming us to join their activities. It's a honour as usual to have such a supportive community like Bellbunya to host such a gathering taking the pressure off us to create a great Gathering. It's also a great honour that Belbunya have invited us to come back so It has been decided that we will definitely return to Bellbunya for a future gathering one day.

Here are my pics of the weekend that are too good not to share.

Joking around, Krandan, Helen, and Sahayak.

Sahayak checking out my new flutes.

I enjoy a early morning chat with Kate at Kate's home away from home.

Saturday Dinner

MMMM, yummy healthy food.

Full tummy's, enjoying a good chat.

Karsten and Rob.

Karsten, Owen, Gecko, ?lovely lady from community?

Sahayak in a world of bliss as I massage his shoulders and neck, love the grin!!

Sahayak repaying the favor.

Kiya massaging his mum.

Kiya's had a big day.

Fire Circle

The fire circle was an entertaining and relaxing part of the weekend. A warm evening so just a small fire.

Owen Playing the Didge.

Maia, Rob, Sahayak, Krandan.

Maia and Sahayak sharing their sacred flute and hang music.

An Owl early on Sunday Morning, looking injured with blood dripping, but still able to hold itself in the wild, we chose not to intervene. We think possibly had a run in with a Python or was attacked by nesting Magpies. He was on the varandah railing outside our rooms and I saw him on the Sunday Morning as I opened my door at 6 am.

Sunday Circle
We gathered in a shady spot under some trees for the circle on the Sunday. We did the talking stick ceremony for a good while After we played a flowing flute meditation where silently without words, one at a time, we played a song and it flowed from one to another when and if they felt to play. This was very peaceful and meditative and was a totally in heart moment for all. After we all joined in together for one song together, amazing how these sound when the energy of peace has formed amongst the group, what normally would not work because of the varying keys just blends into a healing mandala of sound bliss.


Krandan, all the way from his work in the Timor Sea to be with us, plays his Spirit.

Satya sharing her heart song.

Michael sharing his song.

Verna playing her spirit Song.

Helen going within.

Zoe sharing hers on her new flute.

Sahayak passionately goes to the zone where songs effortlessly flow as he shares his song.

Michael looks inwards and shares his inner peace.

Letting go of everything to go within, the flute the vehicle. I love it. Words cannot explain the feeling.

Kate plays a lovely song.

Soaking up the stillness of this moment.

Zoe and Maia.

Rob shares his inner journey in sound Verna looking on.

Group Photo after circle.

The community choir members share a singing healing with some of us. In the pic they are preparing.

Sahayak and Maia passionatley playing thier music for everyone.

Possibly the same owl or another watching over us. My Friend Paulie sent the following message after I first posted.
"Sooty owl !! amazing, very rare creature ~ they make the call of a falling whistle ~ definitely a sign of powerful intention and focused energy coming together"

Sahayak and I waiting for the movie entertainment to begin. Great to be together and fooling around once again.

Hanging out at Debbie and Nick's van on the Monday and joking around. Daya gets a massage from Nick, then I get one from Debbie.

A Fairwell group pic with Helen and Verna (sisters) just before they depart Bellbunya for the long drive home to Makay in Nth Qld. Love your dedication and enjoyed getting to know you better.

Raffle Update
Many more things have been donated to the raffle, see the post below for more details on the new additions. Currently we have recieved $1935 worth of prizes and all involved in a discussion on the Weekend agreed that we should be able with such great prizes to raise at least $2000
Currently we have raised nearly $200 so we are off to a good start. I hope you all tell your freinds and take advantage of this great raffle. Raffle will be drawn in late Feb 2010.

The Evolution Of The Circle
There was dicussion about the future and evolution of the Circle and this has lead to some really exciting news which will be shared soon.

A Big thank you to everybody for making this circle what it is today with your support and energy.