Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Charity Raffle

Thanks to all for their support with the new raffle. Take a look at the great prizes so far.
Still asking for donations of prizes to add below. Blessings and good luck to everyone.

Current List Of Prizes

A workshop for two to make your own Native American Ceremonial Pipe (Peace Pipe) with Bud and Rona Jonson of Pipestone Minnesota, valued at $300. A Australian tour by Bud and Rona to run a few workshops is currently in the pipe line, if all works out it will run sometime in Late 2010, stay tuned for more details. This workshop will be sponsored by the flute circle. Would anyone like to suggest a venue for the workshop, Bud, Rona and their 2 children will need a supporting family when they visit also and my home is too small but I have offered to organise the workshop, hellp on the days and drive them too and from the Airport, I am thinking Lyle Deer Farm possibly, does anyone have a contact there. The keepers as they are known are, like the flute circle, a non-profit organisation. Their aim is protecting sacred traditions of the Ceremonial pipe, the quarries, and supporting craftsmen and woman as an outlet for their work. This workshop is to make Elbow or T Bowl Pipes and includes much more such as history and background on the pipe.

A Eagle Claw pipe I made in 2008 at one of Bud and Rona's Workshops.
Smaller Alabaster (Canadian stone) pipe.

6 pairs of Wise Ear Candles kindly donated by Barbra Elkins of Wisdom for Living, valued at $70

A Tantric Journey for either Male or Female, with Goddess Eve, valued at $150. Making sexuality more sacred.

A 1hr massage or Accupuncture session Kindly donated by Michael Koda valued at $60

2 packs of cards with envelopes kindly donated by Karsten Thompsen valued at $100. These are prints of his lovely his paintings.

2 Hand woven Guatamalan bedsheets donated kindly by Satya valued at over $80

A very large Ametrine (Amethist and Citrine) Generator Crystal kindly donated by Debbi and Nick valued at $250

A 15"white Moth Spirit Medicine Drum with dream catcher style webbing and Beater valued at $265, Kindly donated by Barry and Jenny.

A pass for two to a Night Of Light near you valued at $30, kindly donated by Gaia.

2 Cd's Kindly donated by Maia and Sahayak from Samjjana which are just released valued at $50

A Cd kindly donated by John Rodriquez from Syncronicity called "Sing For Joy" valued at $30

Two Cd's from Ed Bassingwaighe, valued at $50. More details to come.

My Cd, Journey Over Mountains valued at $25

A Cd Tanglefoot by Rob Lonetree donated by Myself valued at $25

Two flutes donated by myself.

A beautiful NSW aromatic Rosewood
Flute. valued at $350 and donated by Myself. picture coming soon.

A childrens Flute valued at $150

A one and a half hour session of Reiki has been kindly donated by Carolyn Jeffery
, at her home or around the Gold Coast but she mentions she is willing to travel within reason to suit those who cant drive or get there.

More details and pictures to come. Please donate and support. Thanks!!

Tickets are priced @

$5 for 3 tickets
$10 for 10 tickets
1 prize per person so there's no multiple winners to keep it fair.

To purchase send an email to with no of tickets wanted and forward
Payment by cash in post to M. Farmer 264 Blackhorse Rd, Kyogle 2474 or Paypal to

This raffle is an exciting and fun way to support those less fortunate than ourselves and there's the high possibility of being well rewarded for the effort by winning a lovely prize.

I'll keep you all posted by email as this info changes. The raffle will definatley be drawn at the final end of year circle in 2010 after being extended.



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