Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flute Circle B'day Gathering at Bellbunya

Wow what a weekend up at Bellbunya!!

For me it was the best flute circle ever and the response from others is much the same. There was a really strong sense of connection amongst us. Peace and unconditional love unite us further revealing the truth that we all are one in spirit. The union of all our journeys and our personal connections to spirit reinforced this bond and the great benefits of sharing this together were realised. I felt a collective desire present to enjoy and make the most of such a great opportunity and as the main organiser and leader of this group this humbled me and was a special goose bumpy kind of feeling. The warmth of being in this great company was awesome and that warmth will stay forever in the knowing of having so many great friends.

The Bellbunya community members also really enjoyed hosting us and joining in as well as welcoming us to join their activities. It's a honour as usual to have such a supportive community like Bellbunya to host such a gathering taking the pressure off us to create a great Gathering. It's also a great honour that Belbunya have invited us to come back so It has been decided that we will definitely return to Bellbunya for a future gathering one day.

Here are my pics of the weekend that are too good not to share.

Joking around, Krandan, Helen, and Sahayak.

Sahayak checking out my new flutes.

I enjoy a early morning chat with Kate at Kate's home away from home.

Saturday Dinner

MMMM, yummy healthy food.

Full tummy's, enjoying a good chat.

Karsten and Rob.

Karsten, Owen, Gecko, ?lovely lady from community?

Sahayak in a world of bliss as I massage his shoulders and neck, love the grin!!

Sahayak repaying the favor.

Kiya massaging his mum.

Kiya's had a big day.

Fire Circle

The fire circle was an entertaining and relaxing part of the weekend. A warm evening so just a small fire.

Owen Playing the Didge.

Maia, Rob, Sahayak, Krandan.

Maia and Sahayak sharing their sacred flute and hang music.

An Owl early on Sunday Morning, looking injured with blood dripping, but still able to hold itself in the wild, we chose not to intervene. We think possibly had a run in with a Python or was attacked by nesting Magpies. He was on the varandah railing outside our rooms and I saw him on the Sunday Morning as I opened my door at 6 am.

Sunday Circle
We gathered in a shady spot under some trees for the circle on the Sunday. We did the talking stick ceremony for a good while After we played a flowing flute meditation where silently without words, one at a time, we played a song and it flowed from one to another when and if they felt to play. This was very peaceful and meditative and was a totally in heart moment for all. After we all joined in together for one song together, amazing how these sound when the energy of peace has formed amongst the group, what normally would not work because of the varying keys just blends into a healing mandala of sound bliss.


Krandan, all the way from his work in the Timor Sea to be with us, plays his Spirit.

Satya sharing her heart song.

Michael sharing his song.

Verna playing her spirit Song.

Helen going within.

Zoe sharing hers on her new flute.

Sahayak passionately goes to the zone where songs effortlessly flow as he shares his song.

Michael looks inwards and shares his inner peace.

Letting go of everything to go within, the flute the vehicle. I love it. Words cannot explain the feeling.

Kate plays a lovely song.

Soaking up the stillness of this moment.

Zoe and Maia.

Rob shares his inner journey in sound Verna looking on.

Group Photo after circle.

The community choir members share a singing healing with some of us. In the pic they are preparing.

Sahayak and Maia passionatley playing thier music for everyone.

Possibly the same owl or another watching over us. My Friend Paulie sent the following message after I first posted.
"Sooty owl !! amazing, very rare creature ~ they make the call of a falling whistle ~ definitely a sign of powerful intention and focused energy coming together"

Sahayak and I waiting for the movie entertainment to begin. Great to be together and fooling around once again.

Hanging out at Debbie and Nick's van on the Monday and joking around. Daya gets a massage from Nick, then I get one from Debbie.

A Fairwell group pic with Helen and Verna (sisters) just before they depart Bellbunya for the long drive home to Makay in Nth Qld. Love your dedication and enjoyed getting to know you better.

Raffle Update
Many more things have been donated to the raffle, see the post below for more details on the new additions. Currently we have recieved $1935 worth of prizes and all involved in a discussion on the Weekend agreed that we should be able with such great prizes to raise at least $2000
Currently we have raised nearly $200 so we are off to a good start. I hope you all tell your freinds and take advantage of this great raffle. Raffle will be drawn in late Feb 2010.

The Evolution Of The Circle
There was dicussion about the future and evolution of the Circle and this has lead to some really exciting news which will be shared soon.

A Big thank you to everybody for making this circle what it is today with your support and energy.



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