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Flute Circle Gathering 19th-20th Sptember 2009

Rainbow at Bellbunya

I am excited to invite you to the next flute circle gathering which will also mark the celebration of our 1st Birthday. Bellbunya Community just west of Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast have welcomed us to use their eco-community that is based on spiritual values as the venue for the weekend. This great venue has plenty of space and great facilities too and is located in lush and picturesc surroundings in the hills. It will be a fantastic place for us to gather, get to know one another and share our love. I have put together a program for the weekend which includes some really great workshops, nature connection, sacred space and finally on the Sunday evening culminating in a concert. I love these gatherings and this will be the second and last for this year. I really look forward to seeing you there.

19th and 20th September 2009

People welcome to arive from Friday Afternoon 18th September.

Belbunya Community

Who is welcome
As usual absolutley everyone is welcome especially including non flute players, medicine drummers and children but no pets please.

Here is the program and below it is more information on accommodation etc.
It is important we stick to the program times so if you want to participate in any part of the weekend program then please make sure you arrive a little earlier.

Saturday 19th

Saturday Lunch 12pm 1.30pm BYO A welcome and get to know one another.

1.45 to 3.45 pm
A journey into Spirit Songs with Matt. In this workshop Matt teaches you his philosophy about how to let go to become one with the flute. To release and tap your inner creative light and let it flow through you and the flute. This is as much about healing and balancing all aspects of your creation on all levels as it is about becoming an experienced flute player/shaman as they go hand in hand. The flute is a personal mastery and self love tool. A song is a gift to the universe, and through playing the flute and tapping our connection to our Source we become more in alignment - So it helps us to clear the patterns that don't serve us to grow and attain our highest purpose and potential in every new moment. This is why the flute and many other musical instruments are so healing. This is a great opportunity for those who are beginning, those who are already on the journey, and those who are experienced players. A journey into Spirit Songs is a journey into spirit and deep into the heart of your soul.

4.15 to 5.30 pm
Matt, Sahayak, Michael and other experienced flute players offer to teach those wanting to develop their skills. This will be done in a group firstly and then we will split off into smaller groups. This is aimed at sharing skills and sharing our experiences and will be a open discussion on anything flute related.

6pm Dinner.
This meal can be catered for by the community or you can BYO

7.30pm Fire circle.
Connections around the fire, flute drums, singing, chanting, chatting - whatever happens. mmm a lovely time of year for a fire too, can feel it already. If any one is interested we can also watch a DVD afterwards called 500 Nations about the history of Native Tribes in the Americas.

Sunday 20th.

8.30 to 9.30am Breakfast

Medicine healing Journey with Walter (Walks On Wind) Smith
Walter, a close friend of mine has kindly offered to share his flute journey and his understanding of Spiritual Shamanism with us. Part of this workshop includes Walter guiding us along a medicine journey meditation which he tells me the space this can create is quite profoundly powerful and transformational. Walter has been playing the flute for many years now and has followed a spiritual journey based around Native American Culture, shamanism and other spiritual cultures for the last 30 years. I am really honored that Walter will be sharing this with us.

Walter playing during the closing ceremony of the WESAK Festival to 600 people in Brisbane 2006.

12 to 1.30pm
BYO Lunch and mingle. Flute circle birthday celebration. If a few people could bring some nice healthy cakes that would be great, please let me know if you are volunteering this service.

1.45 to 3pm
Group circle. Talking Stick, sharing, playing.

3.30 - 5.30pm Concert/Performance. Updated 2.9.09
This will be a very special part of the weekend as it's an opportunity for players of any instruments to perform some of thier music. The offer is open to all and encouraged, I may even get up myself.

I have invited good friends and Native American Flute and Hang Drum musicians
Maia and Sahayak, collectively known as Samjana (pronounced 'sum-ya-na') to play as part of the Birthday celebrations. Maia and Sahayak are also playing a concert at Belbunya on the Friday Night 18th September and all are welcome. Please email me if you would like more details. It was their suggestion and connection to Bellbunya that has created the possibility of the gathering up this way instead of Northern Rivers area and to fit the gathering into their schedule. It is great to be connecting with them after their return from spending a year overseas and I appreciate their support for the gathering.

Together they offer profoundly peaceful sacred sound that restore listeners to stillness, balance and harmony. You are invited with samjjana to be immersed in profoundly gentle, deeply soothing, soul nourishing sound vibrations that enhance inner peace and stillness. Some CD's may be for sale also after the concert.

6.30pm Dinner This meal can be catered for by the community or you can BYO

As far as the flute circle goes there is no expectation that you pay anything, the motivation for the circle is in service to the flute and we are a non-profit community group. However donations to the circle are certainly not discouraged and importantly any funds will help with admin costs to help us create the next gathering. Volunteers are always needed so please volunteer in any way if you can.

Naturally we will all need to personally take care of any camping, accommodation or meal fees to Bellbunya Community. It is great to have them supporting us with their space.

Accommodation and meals
Accommodation is available as BYO camping equipment, dormitory and en suite. Meals for breakfast and dinner will be available or can be BYO. I am assured there will be a preparation place and a fridge we can use. Belbunya website please contact them directly to book and pay for your accommodation and if any question in regards to accommodation or meas is not answered here.

Camping is $15 per night. Showers and toilet facilities close to camping area.
Limited Ensuite and dormatory acommodation is available.
Two course Dinner $15
Breakfast $5
(Please note there is a small daily cost per person which is still being negioated with Bellbunya. Details will be updated here when they are available.) This is now replaced by info below.

Update 11.9.09 Belbunya have kindly offered us the Hall to use for donations only. They usually have a set fee. There will be alot of work community members do to prepare for us and clean after us as well as them sharing their space so I encourage you please support with a small note in a tin they have there on the day.

To book for camping and room accomodation please contact Bellbunya directly using the email address below to make bookings. It is very important they know numbers for accomidation and catering.
The prices we have been offered are discount rates.

Bellbunya email
: contact@bellbunya.org.au

Address and directions Updated 11.9.09
Bellbunya Community.114 Browns Road
Belli Park. Queensland 4562 Office Reception Telephone (07) 5447-0181 Bellbunya is located in the Blackall Ranges outside Eumundi off the Kenilworth/Maleny Tourist Drive, a one-and-a-half hour drive north of Brisbane, half-an-hour west of the Sunshine Coast and serviced by airports at Brisbane and Maroochydore.

How to Drive to Bellbunya
From Brisbane follow the Bruce Highway to 2 km north off the Eumundi-Noosa turnoff to the Kenilworth Tourist Drive exit.
Drive 11 km towards Kenilworth and after passing over Belli Creek Bridges 1 and 2, turn right into Browns Road.
Drive 1 km past the Belli shop in Browns Road and after a sharp right hand turn look for the access sign to Bellbunya Lodge.

Bus and Rail Transport t
o Bellbunya
Coaches and trains regularly service Eumundi. Arrangements can be made for a meet-and-greet service to convey guests to Bellbunya.

Matt's Native American Style Flutes will be available on both days if anyone wants to look or purchase.

A New Raffle- Please Support. Updated 11.9.09
I am sending a call out to all of you reading now that we are launching a new charity fundraising raffle and to make it a goer of course we need people to donate new things of interest big and small to this great cause. I am kicking off the process as usual by making the first donation of 2 new CD’s One is mine Journey Over Mountains and the other is Rob Bruce’s Tanglefoot. So please give to the cause, it’s the best way to increase your abundance and that of other people and animals on the planet who need our support more importantly. For more information on the flute circles raffles look at previous posts or email me. We hope to have the raffle a goer by the flute gathering on the 19th and 20th September so let me know ASAP. Please get behind it.

I am still yet to hear from anyone to say they have anything to donate to the raffle. So just again I wan't to get the message out there what this raffle will support. We have been able to help empower the lives of orphined children in Nepal and help with their recent rehabilitation of wildlife in Victoria with the last raffle. I welcome also suggestions of where the money will go. We'll run it over the next 6 months and it would be great to get it started at this last circle for the year if it's going to be any success but it will need your support to work. We are very lucky so what can we lose. I have already donated some CD's and I will donate a Gemstone Inlaid flute worth $350 only if we can raise the same value in donated prizes first. It would seem pointless to abandon such a great fun community raffle due to lack of support. Everyone can benefit if we have some great prizes. Anyone got any ideas please let me know.

Please address all enquiries for the weekend to the flute circle email address northernnswflutecircle@gmail.com Please contact by email as the main form of contact otherwise contact Matt on 0429 832 071. Always great to know numbers so an email with details is appreciated. Please pass on the email with the link to the blog onto others who may be interested.

Manny Blessings


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