Monday, December 8, 2008

An Awesome November Gathering

A big thanks to everybody who joined the Flute Circle, Fire Circle, and Mother Gaia Spiral gathering in
November at my property peace Of Eden near Kyogle, it really was a special and sacred gathering. All had an awesome time together and there was a real sense of connection and family among the group. I'd like to extend an extra special thanks to the earthFIRE Australia Crew - Julieanne and Jimmi who came from far afield to share their passion of earthFIRE here at Peace Of Eden. Also a very special thank you to Christiana, Elise and Sarah for bringing their energy, medicine, essences and passion to create an awesome and transformational spiral with some amazing energy that is still building too I might add. A big thanks also to Kauri, Francesca, Lotar, Manella and Phill for their huge input. You all helped to make it what it was and I thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart, that goes to everyone who came and those who did not come but were with us in spirit. I personally feel a lot was learned and therefore healed with the whole experience in different ways obviously for us all but also as one Earth family,, and despite being a little worn out before it started it was all as it was meant to be. Manny Manny thanks for what we created, maybe we can organise something similar for November this year. Also another thank you to all those who expressed their gratitude and appreciation for my contribution to the gathering and organising and those also who donated financially to help us cover the costs.

Kauri makes nori rolls on the Friday night with the help of Francesca, Yumy!!!

The group moving down to towards the flute circle on the Saturday after the opening circle and introductions form Julianne and Jimmi of earthFIRE.

Me talking about the Flute has changed my life at the Flute Circle. Photo by Manuella.

Manulla and Phill, and lovely lady in the maroon top???, LOL Please forgive my memory.

Kauri playing a beautiful song

Derik and his friend playing

I have been asked by Julieanne to remind all those who were here on the weekend in November and anyone related to the flute circle at all who would like to know more about earthFire Australia to visit the website and subscribe to their Monthly Newsletter.

Many Blessings On Our Journeys, Matt

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