Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Beautiful Autumn Circle

Connecting to nature and each other through nature.

This was a very special weekend in the rainforrest complete with cleansing rains during the drum making workshop which was a blessing and made the rainforrest experience all the more real. The sun came out and cleansed us on the Sunday also and to shine light on us and the circle.
I wont say a whole lot as I have included a bunch of pics which say much more. I would like to thank all those who participated in the workshops and all those who braved the uncertain weather to be part of the group. We had a fantastic bonding and experience together and the medicine of us joining together to create sacred space and medicine tools to heal ourselves and our deer mother was truly a powerful experience I and surely all will never forget. A big thank you to Morning Star for her sharing her wisdom and knowledge with us and Mark Webb for volunteering to be a helper through the weekend. I realise the journey of this circle is about the joining of our one family in love and peace, more than ever when we come together like this. Times of separation and segregation amongst us will soon be a thing of the past, that's why gatherings like this are so important and powerful.

The raffle bowl with all the tickets was smudged and drummed and the prayer that those who would get the most out of and appreciate the most would be the new carriers. Thanks for all your support with the raffle, the raffle raised $270 and the money will shortly go to Hands With Hands and the Australian Bush Fire Appeal. As suggested by people on the day. Now I hand it over to anyone who can help with our next fundrasier by keeping thier ears peeled for a great prize that they can help find or manifest, or a suggestion of a new charity. Also the circle needs your support in many other ways small or large, this helps make it flow and what it is so if you can help in any way let me know. Always interested to hear your ideas.

The winners were;
First Prize, the Flute I made and took to 2006 INAFA convention where it was Autographed - Walter Smith
Second Prize, Autographed R. Carlos Nakai CD - Eve Glimma
Third Prize, Autographed Garry Strousos CD - Samantha Hyde
Fourth Prize, Matt Shooting Star CD - Celia Cox

Casey whittling his flute blank.

Matt demonstrating the whittling technique.

Drew carving his flute.

Demonstrating the planing of excess material.

Demonstrating the tuning method with specialised hot poker tools to burn out holes. A flute contains all elements. The tree grows in the earth and needs water, it makes air and you breathe the air and blow it in your flute, the sun and hole burning process bring the element of fire to the flute. The flute and many sound instruments are so healing to our bodies because we are made up of more than 70 % water and sound travels 5 times faster through water than through air. The flute is a very grounding and centering instrument and in a world of it's own.

Pre-softening the skins in the misty rain early on the Saturday Morning. These are thick Australian Fallow Deer hides

Then we head here to the sacred Brindle Creek to do ceremony on the skins and begin our journey with our drum and the connection with the earth. We left the skins here to soak while the group returned to camp to start their rattles, and returned later to collect the skins.

We pick up rocks and place them under our left shoulder connecting our life force our DNA and spirit with the skins and the running waters of the creek, and say our prayers to our skins, affirming our intentions for our healing and journey.

The cedar hoops act as a template to cut the heads out of the hide.

Morning Star explaining the best way to cut the skins.

Michael and Jai (The Drum Brothers) share and cut the drum heads from the Fallow Deer hides.

Morning Star showing Michael and Moocha how to start the strapping weave of the drum.

Jai stretching his strapping.

Matt cutting his strapping.

Moocha weaving her medicine into the drum.

Jai weaving his medicine.

Moocha enjoying the journey and excited.

Michael also enjoying the feelings of making his first drum and entertained by Morning Star's Stories and deep knowledge of the drum.

Morning Star teaches the kids to make medicine bags inside the warm fire placed shelter.

Moocha's tribe proudly display their finished bags.

The group with their finished flutes, rattles and drums.

Matt explaining the story of the raffle flute and how it was created.

Matt decides to play the flute, a song to call up it's new carrier and journey.

Tickets smudged and drummed with the prayer that may those who will appreciate and get the most out of them win the raffle items.

Morning Star drawing the flute.

The flute circle, Matt sharing flute wisdom and story with the group..

The drum circle, Morning Star explaining the stories of the drum. The drum she is holding is the first drum I made with her, which has been a great friend.

After this we did a talking stick ceremony together to share our thoughts and feelings. Then end in a long group hug. Before the rain moves us back under cover we sing a few songs together and continue under shelter.

Blessings on the journey



wany said...

very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt..great to see you out there following your bliss and sharing the sacred flute with kindred souls..great photos too..with love Gji (Glenda)