Sunday, September 21, 2008

Matt’s Debut CD Now Released, Journey Over Mountains

Journey Over Mountains
© 2008 Matthew Farmer

“A healing journey of Native American Flutes, Australian nature sounds from rivers and streams, birds, and the finned ones of the ocean, the whales and dolphins. Highly relaxing, spiritually uplifting and healing medicine for your soul”.

You can sample listen to it online free at my CD baby page.
If you wish to buy it I suggest downloading it from CD baby and save plastic, faster and cheaper for you too, there will be a link shortly from my CD baby page. Otherwise call me 02 66 33 3314 or email me here and I'll send you one. Price is $20 Including Postage.

About the whole experience

Well finally in June after over 6 months work I finished recording and production for my first CD, the outcome is fantastic and I am truly thankful to the Great Spirit for the way it turned out. The name Journey Over Mountains is symbolic of our challenges in life. Finding a place through these challenges where personal growth can be blissful, and to fly like the Black Kite or Eagle over the mountains enjoying the ride and the experience for what it is. It's about being in the moment. It's about loving the journey. It's about loving ourselves and loving others. It's especially about coming back to nature to find our healing and the nurturing of our spirit. It's about relaxing and letting go of the burdens we have carried for so long. It's about helping the path of humanity as a whole. It's about synchronicity and trust and belief in yourself and belief in miracles.

As this album came together it formed this far greater energy than was ever expected, I was in awe as I compiled the final songs for mastering and listened to each one over through headphones and as I named and ordered them it occurred to me what the energy was all about. As my expression of the medicine of my journey and where my own positivity, passion and self belief had led me, through my connection with the Native American Flute, which had led me to a great place of healing and self empowerment. This was certainly the long awaited new phase of the journey beginning. This was a new feeling, and it was a healing in itself to finally release from it as it became greater than me. At that moment I said thanks to the Great Mystery of all things and I had shivers down my spine. The album symbolizes much success for me personally and since its first pressings has enjoy much success of it's own especially during my journey to America which of course led me over many mountains. Many people have commented on it and also find that it likes being played many times over without becoming stale. Thats always a good sign.

It was then I realized just what I had allowed myself to create I became excitedly shocked as this project took on its own energy like it was out of my hands and a powerful source was guiding it and me, it was at this moment I realized it was much bigger than me or my music, it was the work of the Great Spirit and was the answer to many of my prayers and thanks for the healing I found and continue to find through the flute. This album is a tribute to the flute and you. I hope you enjoy it.

Song List

1 Good Rain Dreaming 4.34
2 Harmony 2.35
3 Stepping Stones 4.11
4 The Clearing 4.41
5 Finding Balance 3.44
6 Journey Over Mountains 3.02
7 Alchemy Of Change 7.15
8 Integrating 4.55
9 Creators Breath 5.27
10 Spirit Walking 7.28
11 Whale Wisdom 3.44
12 Rainbow Dreaming 8.52

Total Time 61 Minutes

There are two new openings that came up within a week of releasing it. The first is Didge player Marco from the Netherlands asked to record with me later in the year. Also a Japanese friend of mine Yu Yoshioka wants to do an album together in march next year when she returns from Japan. I have also started work on my next Solo Album and have some material recorded from that already. In this Album I will travel around recording nature sounds from many different areas of near by rainforrest's as backing, it will be a meditation CD I am feeling at the moment but I'll just have to wait and see how it evolves before I say any more.

Tarshito of Kitaani Music Solar Powered Studio played a big part in production and engineering and or recording on each of the tracks and played Guitar also as well as sharing some of his samples and effects, overall his technical and professional and guitar playing skills are second to none. I truly thank him for his professional efforts and credit him wherever due.

Being new to a professional studio I had hoped for Tarshito to play a bigger role in production. I learned through his reluctance to tell me what he thought would work that I had to think and manifest what I really wanted and that was hard to do first time off, but I honored his position as it made me express more of my feelings, which in essence was what I really wanted to capture. Having said that, there were many times when his professional experience allowed him to make suggestions that I really needed to hear in terms of music structure which I have very little experience. I see him even more professional than before because of that reluctance at times and his creative contribution and I will definitely work with him again. Many thanks Tarshito for your great work on this album. You are a legend!! Tarshito's Site

Others who deserve credit are; Paul Benhaim who plays a Hemp Plastic Didgeridoo on the last song of the album, he makes the didges in Europe in a manufacturing process, Thanks Paul.

Paul Daley of Caldera Creations for the picture of the Black Kite in flight that he took at Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland, a very amazing and sacred spiritual place of the Waka Waka tribal people. Thanks again Paulie. Don't miss Paulie's blog he is a truly amazing spirit on an enchanting planetary healing journey.

My thanks wouldn't be complete without thanking Gitama Day, the graphic artist who was very helpful with the art work for the Album. Thanks again Gitama.

Many blessings to you all and thanks for reading this post and as usual I welcome your comments.


willsjon said...

Hi Matt

I just wanted to say listening to your CD is like having the ocean or the breeze in the background on a relaxing day. Your music drifts in and out of an ethereal existence and sits like a comforting blanket around me!

Thank you for your music

Love Jonathan

Paul said...

Matt ~

i have major shivers still vibrating up my spine and tickling my outer-auric fields

I remember when stood in the creek near your place, and you shared your vision for this project...

thankyou my brethren, for opening to spirit in such a way that allow this magic to come thru your being ~

it is pure magic and I must go now to sit and allow this energy to wash over and thru my very own being ... which is apart of your very own being ~

words do not suffic ~

but i will say with deep authenticity~

I LOVE YOU brother, keep shining your light and in doing so encourage all to find their own spirit-songs~

~bless and blessings

Matt said...

Thank you Paulie, I can say you certainly were an inspiration as were many. I thank you also for your acknowledgment of my work and your valuable encouragement. Keep shining your light too. You are a very beautiful and good hearted human being. Thanks again for being. Matt