Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part 4 - Rapid City and Hiking in the Black Hills South Dakota

After the Pow Wow the next day I left with Regie who had offered to give me a lift to Rapid City some 600 miles west over the boarder into South Dakota where in 3 days I would fly out to Los Angeles where I would later meet Guillermo Martinez of Quetzalcoatl Flutes and work with him as an apprentice. Reggie was going to just drop me at a motel as he intended visiting a friend south, but he decided to change his plans and host me a few days so I could experience the famous Black Hills, and offered to take me hiking in them. Well sure I said and I can certainly do with more exercises and fresh air. The American Diet had, as you can see with my pot belly, me eating too many corn chips and burritos. I also really enjoyed shopping at Prairie Edge, A huge Native American arts store in Rapid, that is run like a co-op with mostly Native People working there. There was not much they didn't have. I sold them a number of Cd's to help offset the hundreds I spent there. If you like this sort of thing and If you ever go to Rapid City you must find this store.

Here are some pics of the hike.

Me walking between cliffs on the trail.

view from the base of mountain

Reggie Boyd.

Big rock.

Reggie taking a break.

The famous Nicholas Black Elk- Lakota Sioux, apparently climbed this neighbouring mountain (in view) in his later years.

Great view.

Rose quartz and hematite vain.

French fry like mountains.

Me on Summit, where I very suprised to see two Mountain goats. They stopped and stared like they had never seen a human before. Their senses were highly tuned and before I could snap a pic they were gone disappearing between some rocks that I checked out after they had gone, man their path was a really hairy pass over the mountain, I guess they were going to the next valley for the night to graze. A very special and ominous experience.

Tunnel on road in the Black Hills.

Scenic View from Summit.

Many thanks Regie for taking the time to show me such a special and sacred place, and to the Sioux People and spirits for keeping me safe and well on their custodial land.

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