Monday, June 23, 2008

Solstice Circle A Great Success

Hi There Fellow Fluties,

The Solstice Gathering was a great success and proved to be a very transformational event for everyone who attended. About 20 people came to share the first gathering for the Northern NSW Flute Circle. Eve's 15 month Daughter Leela, the youngest member of the circle was keen to take part and played Eve's flute for us which was a blessing. Many other interesting people of all ages and backgrounds joined as we found together what it was like to be part of a Flute Circle.

We spent about 2 hours on the grass in circle which began with centering meditation by Sayahak and then some voice toning by amazing Sante, which really helped to set the energy. Then as the sun went below the mountains around 5 pm the prepared bonfire was lit, and once it was going well, which didn't take long at all being Camphor wood, we ate and socialised at the house before returning to the fire to sing songs and warm our bones.

The fire was a great idea as was the Spiral Mandala Walk, a meditation of prayer of our future journey's to the Creator, that all were keen to take part in. During the Spiral Mandala walk, a circle of glass candle lights placed in a spiral and a larger one at the center where you can then stop and pray before returning, flute songs were played to enhance the energy and healing. After we then returned to the fire which at this point was seriously raging and putting out a lot of heat, and continued our connections with each other, ourselves and our flutes.

On a whole it was an absolutely amazing event that all insisted they would attend next solstice as if there would be something wrong if we didn't do it again. So We surely will. What a great way to start a new group on a Winter Solstice, it was the most fertile time for us to come out and do this and assures a great power and future for this great sharing journey together. AHO!!

A big thanks to all those who attended and to Anna for generously welcoming us all to her place, thanks also to Eve for her committed help and beautiful energy, whenever I struggled Eve offered at least one suggested solution but usually many.

Enjoy these photos and please feel welcome to make comments on this blog.

Sante playing the flute

Me playing a tune.

Me, Eve, Cristiana. The group practicing a few new techniques like the trill, embellishments, tonguing, and flutter tongue etc.

Yu demonstrating her fantastic playing skills with Ben observing.

Ben accepts the offer to Play Yu's Lovely Drone.

Yu, Myself, Wan and Kaori share a group picture.

Anna's Friend, Anna, Eve and Cristiana.

The Fire.

Sahayak playing Cristiana's lovely snake medicine flute.

Sahayak in the moment with Sante looking on in awe.

Kaori and Yu, full tummies and empty plates.

Tending my fire keeping responsibility and enjoying the atmosphere of being amongst good friends.

Click here to see a video of Yu and Matt playing thier flutes around the fire after most people had left, a very special monment.

We welcome the help of those who would like to either help with the organising and admin. Work of future circles or those who would like to help by donating items to our raffles. The raffles are to raise funds for charity. Our current raffle is for an amazing collectible autographed flute and 3 Cd's, all the information including photos and sound sample are in the previous post down the page, titled What is A Flute Circle. Our current charity is Hands With Hands click here to see the website.

The next circle will be held in the lovely month of September. Details for
next Circle will be available in late August. Again all are warmly welcome so please strongly consider joining us if it is possible to make it. I look forward to seeing you then. I will continue to post fortnightly so please do save this blog to your favorites and come back soon.

I'm off on a journey to the US shortly so wish me well and I wish you well on what ever you get up to until we join again next time.

Blessings on the journey



Sahayak said...

Dear Matt, thank you for your inspiration for creating such heavenly instruments and for organising this soulful event. We were gathered as one. Inspired souls resonating with the timeless sounds of this hauntingly beautiful instrument. Each of us were heavens messengers, gathered together to inspire each other, to lift the consciousness of the earth plane through the rising chorus of the flutes purest vibrations. We have all been lifted by a wave of divine love to carry our own songs into the outer world as messengers of healing, peace and good-will. Thank you Matt and to all of my new flute brothers and sisters. My soul yearns for the next gathering under heavens loving gaze.

Paul said...

looks like a beautiful winter solstice creation matt, I look forward to returning south when the wind calls ... I wish you much abundance peace with your flute creations ~ bless, paulie xox

Anonymous said...

Sante said...
Wow Matt you are amazing, you walk your talk and hold the energy of an angel brother from the stars. You have inspired me with much respect and gratitude for the messages you have given me from Great Spirit.I had not played a flute before this gathering, I was inspired and in awe of the beauty of your spirit, so eloquently expressed in this sacred instrument. I was lonely for spirit family and found some new friends that I shall cherish for life. The ritual we did under stars, the sharing of our stories around a huge bonfire and the coming together in the spirit of oneness brought to mind, the importance of a sacred spirit family. It is vital for future generations that we remember the Great Spirit while sharing our wisdom for the greater good. This is how we will heal each other and Mother Earth. There was much magic in our gathering that I Know will resonate in my soul for the rest of my life. Blessings and humble gratitude for the gift of the flute, which has brought me great healing and joy. To all those who may read this message, Please be inspired to join us at the next gathering, this simple instrument is a gift from the heavens for it heals all. Sante