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What Is A Flute Circle?

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I must admit I think I am addicted to blogging, I am so new to this and so definitely hooked.

I thought I would post some interesting and exciting info that is on my mind. Also information about what a Flute Circle is basically about for those not sure.

This post covers these topics.

  • What is a Flute Circle?
  • How can our group contribute to charity's?
  • Current Flute and CD Raffle.
  • What to expect on this Blog.
  • Start your Own Blog.
What is a Flute Circle?
A Flute Circle is a group of Native American Flute enthusiasts, of any level, who meet regularly to share their Spirit Songs, and support each other on the journey to becoming more experienced players. Beginners and those wanting to experience what it is that we do together, and the magic healing sounds of the Native American Flute are very welcome to join us. We also share a social aspect to our meetings and great food as everyone brings a plate. Our focus is to have fun and further the appreciation of this great instrument.

How can our group contribute Charity's ?
As we will be coming together as a group we become a powerful instrument for our own self empowerment and also to bring change around many issues affecting the world we live in.

Fund raisers and donations to charity are a great way to do this. Also we can use the circle as a place to birth other great ideas we have to bring change and share our gifts with others who may be interested.

Eve has suggested that we nominate a People, a Land, a Land Animal, and Sea charity and spread the funds we raise between them. I think this is a fantastic idea. We can alternate between different charities. We will update here when the charity's have been nominated.

If you have any ideas for charity fund raising or have a goods for donation for our next raffle then please email us at northernnswflutecircle@gmail.com

Current Flute and CD Raffle.
I have donated a signed flute and have 2 signed CD,s donated by supporters of the circle that will be raffled over a 3 month period. It will be drawn at our gathering in September.

In 2006 I attended the INAFA convention at the University Notre Dame In California, there I exhibited some of my flutes and bags. Besides donating a flute and bag to the INAFA raffle during the convention. I was inspired by Geoffrey Ellis and Geoff Ball's idea to get signatures from the many performing artists and attending flute makers on a flute for a raffle. So I donated a flute to the same idea and planned to bring it back and raffle it at a Flute Circle. It has since been neatly tucked away and thus has become a very collectible item, with over 20 signatures including, R Carlos Nakai (6 time NAMI winner and Grammy nominee) Peter Phippen, Gary Strousos, Hovia Edwards all Canyon Records recording artists. Kathleen Joyce Grendahl - of INAFA, Robert GatlifFlutetree and INAFA Board member. Coyote Oldman - AKA Michael Graham Allen, Vince Redhouse, Ash Dargan - dIdge artist from OZ, Sherry Kuhl – First flute circle, Ken Light – Amon Orlin Flutes and many others. This flute will be the first prize, there are also two Signed CD’s for 2nd and 3rd prizes that were donated By Gary Strousos titled - Echoes of Canyon De Chelly. And By R. Carlos Nakai with Keola Beamer, titled – Our Beloved Land. A big thanks to them for their support. So it’s a big raffle to start us off. How exciting!!!!

We welcome your help to sell tickets please ask Eve at the circle or email northernnswflutecircle@gmail.com Tickets are $5 for 3 and you can buy them from Eve at the circle or by email, we accept online bank deposit or Pay Pal using our email address, but prefer bank deposit as it is free - more money to charity not multi-nationals.

Here is a picture and sound file for the flute.

This flute is made from famous Plum pine Podocarpus elatus, (see the woods page on my website www.spiritsongflutes.com.au for more info) native to Australia's Northern NSW Rain forest Region also known as the Rainbow Region. The wood was recycled from a property near my home at Kyogle by a local wood recycler named Ron Allen. It is one of my favorite woods for flute making but sadly so rare and endangered.
It has a great tone, and is very playable as well as collectible. The bird is made from American Walnut also a lovely flute wood. The flute value would be above$750 now

Here is a sound file: http://www.zshare.net/audio/1302835225e4b4c7/

What to expect on this Blog.

This blog will serve as a place to promote the
Flute Circle and its upcoming gatherings, news, fund raising and my personal journey with the flute. I urge others to start their own blogs and we can link up, ask me for help or direction if you are interested by email. Blogs are a great way to publish information quickly and they are totally free!! Setting one up is quicker than reading this page and so simple. Why not just do it, then you can keep all your friends up to date with what you do in your life and what’s important to you as they just visit your page just like you are doing now.

From time to time I will post info on other groups and people who are on interesting journeys as well as people, causes and businesses that are worth supporting and just about any info that I think is important to publish.

Start your Own Blog
Don’t write off starting a blog today, it’s a great idea.
See this site to start one www.blogger.com

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