Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome To The Circle

Hello Everyone,

I'm Matt Shooting Star,

This is the Blog for the Northern NSW Flute Circle.

We are currently organising our first meeting. Dates will be posted soon.

The vision for this circle has been with me for a long time and inspired by many others in North America like Sherry and Gary Kuhl who I was lucky enough to meet in 2006 at the INAFA convention. Sherry started the first Flute Circle in America and was the inspiration for many hundreds more to follow.

It's very exciting that we are birthing this baby now. The reason it has taken so long was I needed to find those committed people that were just as keen as I to see this great vision birthed and going in this part of Australia. That happened recently when Eve Glimma put her hand up, well both actually LOL. Without Eve's help and enthusiasm my vision would just be an unfulfilled idea yearning for attention in the back of my mind. I thank Eve for the encouragement that made me feel at ease and for her generous offering of the hard work that is necessary to get this off the ground and keep it going. Thank you EVE!!

This circle is about; Sharing, learning, healing, love, YOU and of course the Native American Flute, and you are welcomed with love to become part of this new energy.

I, on behalf of all the other members and future members, would like now to welcome YOU to this circle.

We are going to have a lot of great fun and joy together.

There are so many of you that have put your hand up and said you'd be there when we got this going and in the next week I will be emailing and calling you to tell you the great news, I can't wait to meet you all again and meeting new people interested in connecting with our group.That's right Our Group, every ones input will be valued and honored. Without it OUR group can't grow.

We plan to meet at different members houses on a Saturday afternoon every month in the Northern NSW area. We will aim to make this location central to our members.

Please email us if you have any questions regarding the circle or our next meeting.

Thanks for visiting and bye for now,

Spiritsong Flutes

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